Covid19 Drug Repurposing Database

If you are using CoviRx then we ask you to cite the below two papers.

1 MacRaild, C.A.; Mohammed, M.-U.-R.; Faheem; Murugesan, S.; Styles, I.K.; Peterson, A.L.; Kirkpatrick, C.M.J.; Cooper, M.A.; Palombo, E.A.; Simpson, M.M.; Jain, H.A.; Agarwal, V.; McAuley, A.J.; Kumar, A.; Creek, D.J.; Trevaskis, N.L.; Vasan, S.S. Systematic Down-Selection of Repurposed Drug Candidates for COVID-19. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2022, 23, 11851.
2 Jain, H.A.; Agarwal, V.; Bansal, C.; Kumar, A.; Faheem; Mohammed, M.-U.-R.; Murugesan, S.; Simpson, M.M.; Karpe, A.V.; Chandra, R.; MacRaild, C.A.; Styles, I.K.; Peterson, A.L.; Cooper, M.A.; Kirkpatrick, C.M.J.; Shah, R.M.; Palombo, E.A.; Trevaskis, N.L.; Creek, D.J.; Vasan, S.S. CoviRx: A User-Friendly Interface for Systematic Down-Selection of Repurposed Drug Candidates for COVID-19. Data 2022, 7, 164.

Here are some additional articles on our platform that might be of interest:

1 S. Jayaraman, K. (2022, October 27). Leaning on repurposed drug candidates to fight covid-19. Nature News.
2 McAuley, A.J.; Jansen van Vuren, P.; Mohammed, M.-U.-R.; Faheem; Goldie, S.; Riddell, S.; Gödde, N.J.; Styles, I.K.; Bruce, M.P.; Chahal, S.; Keating, S.; Blasdell, K.R.; Tachedjian, M.; O'Brien, C.M.; Singanallur, N.B.; Viana, J.N.; Vashi, A.V.; Kirkpatrick, C.M.; MacRaild, C.A.; Shah, R.M.; Vincan, E.; Athan, E.; Creek, D.J.; Trevaskis, N.L.; Murugesan, S.; Kumar, A.; Vasan, S.S. Use of Human Lung Tissue Models for Screening of Drugs against SARS-CoV-2 Infection. Viruses 2022, 14, 2417.
3 Uniofyork. (2022, November 21). Study narrows search for in-use drugs to tackle COVID-19 mutations. EurekAlert!

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